Diaz Beach

Cape Town

Cape Town is wildly popular over the summer holidays with both foreigners and South Africans from other parts of the Country. While the energy of Camps Bay and V&A Waterfront can be fantastic, sometimes you just want to chill out somewhere more peaceful. Why not head over to Diaz Beach then?

This hidden gem is situated at the far end of the Cape Peninsula between the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point and it is clearly seen from the old Cape Point lighthouse. Imagine pristine beach sand, total seclusion (much of the beach is hidden from all outside eyes), the raw sound of wind and waves, and spectacular cliffs rising up all around the beach with the added benefit that the beach is secluded, you may even have the entire beach to yourself! Photographers will love this spot for all the photo opportunities and romantic couples will love it for a romantic stroll. Just note that swimming can be dangerous.

Location: Follow the M4 all the way up until Simon’s Town. You will reach Cape Point by following the M4 directly from there.