travel tips in Lake Constance area (Bodensee)

Marienschlucht (Marien-Canyon)

The Marien-Canyon is a beauty of nature located at Lake Constance; south bank of the Überlinger Lake part. A sharp decline trail through the forest starts at a car parking place and head... Read more


In Bavaria, you can find the southest island in Germany, the island of Lindau connected to earth through a petite natural bridge road is a destination worth travelling when in Germany. L... Read more

Langenargen Lakeside Festival

4 days of great atmosphere in the lakeside park at the Lake of ConstanceLANGENARGEN – There’s no better way to begin the summer holidays: The municipality of Langenargen treats its guest... Read more


The “Konzil” in Constance is a nice restaurant today. Located next to the lake of Constance and really close to the Imperia, which is also a sight of Constance.The council has a historic... Read more

Jammer nich (Farm Möking)

Jammer Nich means ” No Complaints” and impresses the lifestyle of a cool and relaxed Lake Constance community. Jammer Nich is a traditional outdoor agricultural food place situated betwe... Read more

Stärr Schorsch

“Stärr Schorsch”, which is a nice beer garden far away from the overcrowed promenade located in Fischbach (near Friedrichshafen).This small institution has a long tradition, especially t... Read more