About us

For years the Mediterranean coastline have been the chosen holiday destination, a meeting point for people from across Europe to enjoy great conversations over delicious meals and built friendships. Here the freedom of life was felt and enjoyed together the feeling of BELLAVITA.
The name Tibush is a combination of the Italian word Ti (you), a marker of the individual self, and the English word bush, which symbolises this feeling of BELLAVITA. The bush like the tree is rooted in the difference of Tibush people flowing towards the meeting point of the trunk to flower into branches, bearing the fruit of connections, friendships, laughter, and lifeā€¦ the feeling of BELLAVITA.
Based on this feeling of BELLAVITA that was shared amongst the people, the idea was borne to create a webpage that reflects this mediteranean way of life filled with a zest for life through fashion, music and unique travel locations.