1. La Provence

Perfect breakfast location with typical European Food for reasonable prices.

2. Wynwood Kitchen and Bar

Latin cuisine is served on a series of small plates at the Wynwood Kitchen and Bar (2550 NW 2nd Ave). Devilled eggs here come with capers and the pork belly is adobo-rubbed, paired well with a guava- meets-extra-rum Guayabera cocktail. Sit outside and stay all night.

3. Coyo Taco

For fresh food aficianados, Coyo Taco (2300 NW 2nd Ave) smashes guacamole on order and brings everything from quinoa to octopus to its handmade taco libation. Slip a classic margarita while you what the wooden communal table, laden with churros, fill with beautiful people from the hood. And when the hour gets late, a secret door leads you to the back nightclub, with music to enrapture you.

4. Panther Coffee

In this city´s perennial heat, a moment to refresh is always welcome. Try Panther Coffee (2390 NW 2nd Ave), offering an extra-caffeinated cold brew, that´s steeped overnight. It´s also the perfect place to relax over a cuppa, connected to wifi and meet friendly locals.

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