1. Stärr Schorsch

“Stärr Schorsch”, which is a nice beer garden far away from the overcrowed promenade located in Fischbach (near Friedrichshafen).

This small institution has a long tradition, especially the historical incident when the lake Constance was completely icebound.

The owner Georg Stärr rode across the lake and lead a procession that bring the bells to Münsterlingen (in Switzerland).

That is where the bells are until today, because the lake of Constance was never icebound again.

2. Marienschlucht (Marien-Canyon)

The Marien-Canyon is a beauty of nature located at Lake Constance; south bank of the Überlinger Lake part. A sharp decline trail through the forest starts at a car parking place and heads to the ruin castle of Kargegg. From this place onwards the origine, picturesque river valley trail between the rocks begins. Small steps along and across a creek guiding the visitors down to the shore of Lake Constance. When you reach the shore a fireplace; to make your own barbeque , a little kiosk and a beautiful little beach place with a small landing stage is waiting for you.


3. Lindau

In Bavaria, you can find the southest island in Germany, the island of Lindau connected to earth through a petite natural bridge road is a destination worth travelling when in Germany. Lindau itself stands just East to the Lake Constance and is located near the meeting point of the Austrian, German and Swiss borders. A beautiful small historic town as there, where every stone in the walls is an attraction. . The place is ideal for a quick getaway with your beloved ones, enjoying the culture, the food and the traditions of Bavaria.


4. Langenargen Lakeside Festival

4 days of great atmosphere in the lakeside park at the Lake of Constance

LANGENARGEN – There’s no better way to begin the summer holidays: The municipality of Langenargen treats its guests to a colourful, four day festival cocktail at the 37th Uferfest (Lakeside Festival), which is held before an amazing backdrop of Lake Constance and the magnificent Alps.

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